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Thread: Gave the signum a clean!

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    Default Gave the signum a clean!

    Hey all, the sun was 'sort of' out today so i thought i'd best get off my ass and give the car a quick going over. I'd recently been sent some sample from a new company called Wax Tailor. The samples used today were:

    Pearly Pink - High Foam Wash
    Blue Diamond - High Gloss Shampoo
    Liquid Gold - Paint Cleanser
    Wax Tailors Natural Carnuba Wax

    I first jetted the car down and gave it a quick snowfoam with Pearly Pink, this seemed to foam well through the AB lance giving a thick foam which broke down the grime quite well (don't have a picture of this as is started drizzling straight after) I then washed this off and moved on to the next stage. Using the 2BM I washed the car using Blue Diamond and my Dooka Wash Pad:

    This shampoo is a generally 'low sud' combination, that being said, when on the car it felt very slick and seemed to have very good drying properties. After washing the whole car and giving it a hose down i was left with this:

    As you can see, the paintwork has a fair bit of gloss as it is but thought I might as well give Liquid Gold a once over to remove any deeper surface grime and put a little bit of life back into it. After drying the car i applied via D/A to help me make light work of it:

    First impressions of this product is that it leaves a very smooth, glass like surface after you've applied and buffed off. It resembles the finish of an Artdeshine sealant I regularly use, this isn't a bad thing. Once the whole car was complete i was left with this:

    Next up to the table was Wax Tailors Natural Carnuba Wax:

    I applied the wax 1 panel at a time using a tri-foam applicator. The wax seemed quite 'dry' when getting it on the pad and didn't spread as well as some other waxes i've used. Perhaps upping the oils slightly may help but that said this still has a very good, deep and glossy finish to it with great sheeting properties:

    A couple of obligatory 'arty farty' shots:

    Thanks for reading
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    Vehicle : Vauxhall Signum

    Trim : Deselite :-)

    Engine : 3.0 V6 CDTI

    Year : 2006

    Mileage : 130,000


    Vey nice fella just need a roof spoiler imo :-)

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    Vehicle : vectra facelift

    Trim : sri

    Engine : z20net 2oltr turbo

    Year : 57

    Mileage : 38200


    top job mate.

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