Have a 1.8 Vectra C (57reg) which has started making a few strange noises. The first is whining noise when pulling away in first gear. Seems to fade out as you go up the gears but I guess that's down to the road surface/engine noise getting louder. It sounds like an electric car. The second is a knocking noise as the car comes to a stop. Someone mentioned it could be the pads/disks but I had local garage check them while getting a new tyre. They said they were still in good condition so Im not sure that's where the noise is from. Sounds like its coming from the rear passenger side and only occurs just as the cars comes to a complete stop. As you can probably tell i'm no mechanic but I've jacked the backend up thinking it would be hole in the exhaust or it was lose, however, it looked sound to me. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Just want an idea before I get fleeced by a garage.