Hi All

I'm trying to track down some suspension problems, the car just seems too soft, I can't pinpoint if its the back or the front but going over a bump/dip at over 40 car seems to bounce the driver and passengers as if the shocks are stopping the car bouncing too aggressively, kind of pushes you into your seat as the car rises and lifts you out as it drops.

May 2012 New GM front Shocks
June 2012 New KYB Rear shocks
November New Sachs Rear Shocks
Jan 2013 Mot broken rear spring, replaced with JPN
April 2013 Replaced front springs JPN springs(Standard height)

Today checked rear ARB bushes which seem fine also checked rear shocks removed and checked resistance again fine.

No knocks or creaks , I wondering what I am missing??

Another note if I slam the door or rock the car left right it seems to take a while to settle,