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Thread: Bits & bats I want resolving.

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    Default Bits & bats I want resolving.

    Hoping you guys can help out as there is shedload of useful info on here, I have a Vectra C SXI 1.8 16v on a 52 plate with roughly 106,000 on the clock and I want to get it right for it to be a good runner as starting from may I'll be doing some work around the country. I have both lambda sensors, sparks plugs and all service filters arriving tomorrow. Also have a thermostat sat on desk with a few O-rings.

    Rear lambda sensor wiring is gone and engine thermostat runs on idle so until these are fixed it's not super economical. I'm hoping with all parts swapped, oil dropped, I'm going to notice a difference in fuel consumption.

    The problems I have that I want diagnosing are:

    Electric power steering, when full lock is applied and a full vehicle rotation is applied, the steering seizes and steering wheel symbol appears on dash until I restart the engine. This also occurs when I throw the steering around when doing a 3 pointed turn on a busy road where I want to be quick. I'll check steering fluid, and if required top up. If it only happens when I'm abusing it, I'm not fussed, I just don't want it becoming unpredictable and intermittent.

    Knock from front end, when stationary and steering wheel is turning from around 10o clock to 3o clock, I get a light but noticeable knock. Wishbone arms and anti roll bar links? Is it worth me replacing both sides or just doing the side that is tired. Will have a mechanic under it to diagnose it more directly before parts are order.

    Suspension is very hard, I believe previous customer lowered the car slightly, haven't had this certified by a mechanic but it'd handles absolutely fab around fast corners. I'm not use to driving something so unforgiving as other car is a landy discovery. Is it worth me slowing going around the car and replacing coils/shocks etc?

    I have a light whistle very much after throttle is applied and I've accelerated, is it worth me giving the MAF sensor, EGR or air leak? Talc on silicone hoses?

    Sorry for being an essay but want to be as informative as poss to get a good diagnosis.
    Any help you guys can offer is much appreciated, many thanks in advance. Josh

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    you've pretty much answered your own questions
    power steering fluid resevoir in behind drivers side wheel arch

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