Hi Guys,

Own a Vectra 1.9 SRi 150 for about 4 weeks and since day 1 I noticed a oil smell coming through the cab its quite bad so I keep the fans off. I decided to have a look yesterday a little more in depth to check if any hoses where leaking so this time i took the plastic cover off and I **** myself ! Injector 1 on the left (I believe) has this tar like stuff all at the base of it and is hissing out what I believe is diesel so I phoned my trusty mechanic and he said its the injector washer and I need it replaced. He cant do it until next week and now I know theres a prob I want it done like now haha..I am good with my hands and wondered if anyone had a guide on how to remove the injector replace the washer and tightening it all up...but I am guessing it is not as easy as that seeing as there is a load of tar around the injector..

Any help appreciated