Wendy found Facebook ad for Telford scrappy, preface Star Silver, ad said not to be sold colpete, had to go as parts, so I asked on here if I was right thinking that was ok for facelift - answer yes.
Text'd yard and asked price - quite reasonable. Phoned them to say I definitely wanted it, then again to say I couldn't get down yesterday but would be down asap this morning.
Tried to call 10am to let them know I was on way, neither phone being answered. ok, maybe busy.
Drove over there, parked up, after a few minutes the office noticed I was there, asked what I wanted, told them I had phoned for a vectra back bumper.
They sprang into action, told me to stay put, went off, came back ""we have no Vectra bonnets". Explained again I wanted a back bumper, the one of the car on Facebook. Off they went again. Came back "we can't find it, can you come back in 2 hours" explained no, had to take wife to Oswestry hospital after lunch.
Off they went again, came back "No vectra bumpers, must have accidentally flattened it". Not happy but they seemed to think that was the end of it, so I started to make my way back to the car. Looked to the side, and what do I see?
The Star Silver preface on Facebook, parked up blocked between two other cars. Wandered over towards it, soon had company "you can't have anything off of that, it's been sold complete. I asked a) why, when they had stated it could not be, and b) why they told me 3 times I could collect the bumper that morning. Answer a) was "it was sold as parts", b) was "sorry about that, we'll probably have another one in soon" Not a happy bunny.