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Thread: Had a 30mph roll on with a 2011 Passat TDI 140 and ended up in limp mode!

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    Vehicle : Vectra

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    Year : 2007

    Default Had a 30mph roll on with a 2011 Passat TDI 140 and ended up in limp mode!

    Hello all, car went into limp mode for the first time since I've owned it yesterday.

    Had the car about 6 weeks now, no engine problems as such, checked over the usual suspects after reading through threads on here, cleaned the EGR, cleaned throttle body, cleaned boost sensor, checked the swirl bar which seems to be ok, it is attached at all 4 points although cylinder 4 seems slightly mucky where it attaches, but only a tiny bit. Put a new standard air filter in it just the other day and removed the plastic funnel as per the airbox mod in the How 2's. No sign of any problems really, engine pulls cleanly as you would expect, no hesitations at any point throughout the rev range.

    Had the chance to see how it goes against my brothers 2011 Passat TDI 140, 3rd gear roll on at 30mph on a quiet slip road, all was going well, pulled out a couple of car lengths on him, but entered limp mode just as we approached the speed limit

    No acceleration what so ever from that point onwards, and the engine management light came on on the dash.

    If I remember correctly (can't be certain) it happened immediately following a gear change, my immediate thought was that it may have been caused by going from full throttle, to zero, change gear, then full throttle again in quick succession, possibly confusing the ECU with how much fuel it was putting in, compared to how much was required as per throttle position?

    Pulled over, turned the engine on and off a few times, and I think at about the 3rd time of asking, the power returned as normal, though the dash light remained, but this also went later in the day after a few more starts of the car.

    Any thoughts on this? I don't have a code reader at present, but seems like one would be useful going forward, any recommendations?

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    Vehicle : vectra

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    Year : 2007


    if you feel like a drive pop over and see me mate will have a lool for ya if you like pal

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