Thought I was having a good day today, started off well cleaned my alloys up ready for new tyres and refitting.

went in for new tyres told the fitter what size I wanted and went to sit down, just as they were refitting the wheels I checked the bill only to find they had fitted the wrong size 215/45's instead of 225/45's fitter swore blind I didn't tell him lol.

lucky I know the place well and they took them off and swapped them for no extra charge for the bigger tyres.

As a bonus they also fitted my bike tyre to loose wheel for free, I opted to dispose of the old tyre meself.

Then refitting the rear wheels I noticed the n/s rear spring has broken guess that's next on my list to change now more expense, also whilst I was there I stripped and cleaned the rear caliper brakes and sliders all badly corroded and would've caused the handbrake to stick had I not sorted it.

so all told rather busy day and about par for the cause when owning a car lol, I even got my boy giving me a hand so quality time all round