Hi folks this is my first proper post so hello from me!

Been having a few issues with the Veccy - I had been driving around for a while with the EML on, op-com said it was the rear oxygen sensor, and sure enough it had snapped.

I was booked in to get a new stainless steel exhaust system so bought a new o2 sensor, which the chap happily fitted for me.

Using op-com I cleared the fault codes, but after a few drives they come back up again. I have checked the connections and wiring condition, and all seems fine - what could possibly be the problem?

I was also getting a reading - Swirl Flap adaption malfunction - every time I plugged in op-com, but now it seems to have disappeared (it always read 'Not Present'), however I seem to be getting poor fuel consumption, even after a full service (oil, filter, air filter upgrade, spark plugs, fuel filter) and the exhaust should give better mpg as it is a single back box with greater air flow.

Apologies for the long winded post, but what could be causing the poor fuel consumption, how much would it cost to replace the swirl flap manifold kit, and why is the o2 light still coming on?

All suggestions welcome,