Hi All,

My vectra decides that it wants to go into limp mode once or twice a day at the moment.

VX were doing a free diagnostics and first hour of labour deal so I left it in and they found metal filings in the filter housing and told me my injection pump was on the way out and a new one would be around £800.

I laughed and told them there was no chance. I decided to try and find one for myself. A quick search on euro car parts brought a reconditioned one up and I have bought it.

It arrived the other day and it has the Part Number 044 5010 155 and looks identical to the one in my Vectra. Only problem is that it has a part number of 044 5010 183.

Does anyone know if the pump I have bought will work with my Vectra or not?

And if not where I could get the correct one or where I could get my current one reconditioned?