Hi chaps,

Been having a few problems with clunking noises from the rear of the car and was a bit worried that there was a problem with the suspension. Recently paid £80 for full Hunter alignment and adjustment so worried that I was going to have to replace something and have it done again.

Just took a look under the car (that was fun, lying on freezing concrete!) and saw that the exhaust centre section hanger was sitting in the rubber mount, but not attached to anything! It had rusted all the way through, so the tailpipe was moving from side to side and bashing the bumper.

Been looking for the new part (£36 at EuroCarParts which seems fine) but it looks like the centre section has a silencer. Is this right on a 2004 1.8 petrol? Don't remember what it looks like and there's no way i'm going out in the cold again!