Was looking at getting one of these, item PC5-52, or similar. Will get a Fakra convertor also. In the description it says........

This adaptor is commonly required on VW's, Seat, Skoda's, Vauxhall and Audi's where the original radio has an integral booster for the aerial connection. This is also available with a Din plug, see PC5-90 or PC5-91

I am thinking it might be then answer to my poor signal quality, I have tried everything else and I can't even get an AM reception at all.

In the picture of the lead (on the website) where does the blue wire go ??

On the following picture is the install layout for my HU

I think I have Blue/white (7*) connected as the system remote control for my amp. Do I connect the wire from the booster to Blue/white (6*) ???

What do you make of the warning in the bubble, should I have 6 & 7 connected or not.

The other end of the thick black line away from the HU is the ISO connector.

Hope I have explained this okay and someone can help