Hi again.. i have been away from this place for a while cause i was fighting against GM and with the idea of selling or keeping my Veccy...

after a couple of harsh months GM decided to fix my car and replace the tranny.
and everything went just fine, but in that period of time my mothers Veccy (also a 3.2 V6 --- how original are we??? lol) also begin with tranny problems but fortunately their case was solved much more quicker.

my car has 62000 km and her veccy has 38000 km.. both are 2003.. but the milage in my car is mostly from highway... both cars are auto's (5 speed tiptronic from AISIN)

since i liked my car better (mine is top-line and her is base model) i never drove her veccy until last week just before the dealer finish the work and i give it a try to check everything.. and i notice something that i didnt like so much..

Her veccy accels much more fast than mine at least in first gear..

i havent check times on both cars but the difference is quite noticiable.

I understand that the mileage in both cars is quite different but does that difference can make those changes when accelerating in a green light?

what can i check from my car??? .. fortunatelly i am able to switch some pieces from my moms car to see what could be wrong. (if there is something)

i know about the IAC valve but i cleaned boths just before they went to the dealership for their tranny replacement.. and i switched both cars iac's (cause mine gave problems first) i also switched MAF sensors that day.

i am thinking maybe it could be the Oxygen sensor.. or the inyectors (but i clean them throughly when i changed the sparks 3 months ago when i reached 60000 km

what other things can i check or ask for checking in a garage?

i will appreciate all your help