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Thread: Leak off pipe fitting

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    confused Leak off pipe fitting

    Hi all,

    whilst cleaning out the EGR and replacing it I managed to lean on one of the leak off pipes and break it off! :-(

    Im getting a replacement kit that has three 180s and a 90deg fitting, the car has three 180s and two 90s (one at either end)

    my question is does the return pipe have to come from between injector 2 + 3 or can it come from either end ie 1 or 4??

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    Vehicle : Vectra C

    Trim : basic

    Engine : Z19DT

    Year : 2007


    I does not matter where it feed s back from either end or middle, but better to buy genuine part £20ish from dealer. I replaced mine initially with pipe from Motor Factor, after a couple of months had strong diesel smell after long journey, lifted bonnet to find engine dripping in fuel and cheap leak off pipe split. So replaced again with cheap while I waited for the genuine part.

    SAFETY FIRST its Fuel if it leaks down to the manifold then mmmmmm would not like to experiance

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    I tried doin the pipe replacement and had bother. The caps are plastic and break very easily and car is undriveable till you get new as diesel will leak all over engine when fuel pump running.
    vauxhall have changed the caps to metal too so much stronger. Cost £25 (I think was over a year ago)Not worth the grief for little price difference, the safety side and pain to pull pipes off too. Comes as a kit already together for you. I found the picture the parts dept had looked not much like real thing tho.

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