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Thread: Car Off the Road, because of a breakdown mechanic

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    Unhappy Car Off the Road, because of a breakdown mechanic

    I was driving on the M20 from Dover to Tilbury at around 3am and was around 15 miles from the dartford crossing and happened to get a blow out on my drivers side front wheel, didn't know about it straight away lol.

    I had to call green flag because my car is lowered so couldnt get a jack underneath the car to change the wheel to a space saver.

    Called green flag and they sent out a local guy who at first said the car was too low for his jack so suggested he lifted the car from the wheel arch and i push the jack underneath, so did this then he told me to stand on the other side of the barrier, 20 mins past and he finished got me to sign the paperwork and opened the door for me to go on my way. Got to work and carried on with my daily tasks came to finish at 8am and noticed a big dent on my front drivers wing and wheel arch area. This being caused my the breakdown guy putting his backside against the car when lifting it.

    Tried to get hold of green flag but they were still closed until 9am so went to a mechanics and tyre fitters my boss uses and they took the wheel off and changed the tyre for me but said they struggled to get the wheel nuts off as they were too tight, they then found a slight crack on the alloy so put it on the back of the car instead and put the wheel nuts from the front on the back with that wheel, left the garage and drove 3 miles down the road to the office and my car was vibrating and making noises so went back to the garage and they said it was because the front wheel wasn't balanced and was off by a long distance. Finished at the garage and they said anymore problems bring it back, so i left to go back to dover from tilbury which is 73miles and had vibrations and noises all the way home. When i got home i went to look at my wheels to try and find out what was wrong and to my shock I found the rear drivers side wheel was loose and 3 of the bolts had sheared off and was only being held on with 2 wheel bolts and they were very loose.

    Rang the mechanics in tilbury and they said if i get it back to them they will have a look at it for me, so rang up green flag and got them to recover the car back to tilbury the next day. Mechanics looked at the car and said it needs a new rear wheel hub due to that hub being damaged and 3 bolts broken inside it, the alloy wheel is nakered and cracked badly.

    So I need a new alloy wheel and rear wheel hub and the dent fixing, so rang up green flag and made a compaint that because they breakdown guy over tightened the wheel nuts they weakened and when they were put on the back wheel they sheared of on the way home, and because the wheel was loose i cracked the alloy wheel.

    Green Flag rang me and said to me to send them the invoices for the wheel hub, alloy wheel, and for the dent to be fixed. They are assigning me a customer manager to deal with this.

    The price from VX for a rear wheel hub was £299, the fitting from the garage to fit it is £120, New Alloy Wheel is £200 with balancing and fitting and the dent repair Im still waiting for to find out.

    So at the moment my car is off the road and stuck in tilbury and Im driving round in a company transit van and missing my poor VX.

    Has anyone else every had problems like this with breakdown recovery?, it would be great to hear your opinions on this

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    You sure you didn't damage the wheel not noticing straight away?

    I use mondial through my bank the there brill, sent a really low recovery for mine used for lambos etc, after first one was too high to get mine on

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    Vehicle : Vauxhall

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    I've never had issues with call out recovery but I have had problems with local firms that I have had move my car, again because the front was lowered.

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