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Thread: Front Passenger Seat Removal

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    confused Front Passenger Seat Removal

    I recently discovered that the drainage bung under the front grille was blocked, this has caused a leak of water into the passengers foot wells. I guess the best way to dry the carpets are to remove them? I take it the only way to take the carpets out is to remove the seats first? Is this an easy job? and do I need to worry about the seat belt tensioners being activated?

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    Front seat removal is fairly easy. Firstly, after the car ignition key has been removed for around 10 minutes (gives all computer modules the chance to shut down correctly), the next step is to disconnect the +ve battery terminal, this will prevent airbag warning light issues caused by disconnection with a "live" system.

    Next disconnect the multiway plugs from the sockets under the seat. These are airbag, heated seat wiring, and electrically operated seat connections where appropriate.

    After that, there are only 3 bolts to remove. From memory I think they are either Torx 40 (T40) or 45. Two of these are in the rear seat area at the end of the front seat runners, and the other is between the seat and the door and is the seatbelt fastener.

    Firstly make sure you have a quality tool, the threads on the bolts for the seat runner are threadlocked and will take a fair bit of "encouragement" to get them started. So much so, that you might think the bolt is about to shear, but, provided your tools are A grade, you will be fine. You might also need a long bar on your tool to give you the necessary leverage. If the Torx fitting is correct, you will be fine, but the wrong size coupled with the pressure you will be applying, could damage the Torx fitting of your tool, or worse, the head on the bolt, so don't do this without a perfect Torx fit.

    After that the seat slides out towards the rear.

    Refitting is obviously the reverse of this process and finishes with the battery re-connection.



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    whs get a good torx bit I think it's a t50 bit. I used s cheap on and a long bar it just snapped the bit in half

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    Yep, it's a T50 and a breaker bar - having swapped the interiors between 2 Signums a few weeks back, then I should remember that!

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