Looking for help, i'm a long time browser not an often poster.

I recently purchased a used car in Jan 2013, i still have not recieved the (V5C) document from the DVLA so rang them where i was told they havn't recieved the bit from where i purchased it from...so shall have to fill out a (V62) i believe to optain my copy of a V5C.

However the car tax run out yesterday... and i'm aware i could use the (V5C/2) document at a post office to be stamped, however i have lost / misplaced / eaten the most recent MOT certificate too.

I did an online check of the MOT using the Doc Ref Number on the (V5C/2).. new keepers slip.. and it only shows an MOT test that expired in 2011, i would of thought that number would of shown the latest test?? It's strange because i have the MOT cert for 2011/2012 and when i check that online it says there are later tests with a new test number.

So... this ref number doesnt correspsond to the latest MOT..

So anyway am i right in thinking i can go to any MOT centre and use the New Keeper slip - V5C/2 Doc Ref Number and they will be able to print out the latest MOT for me? If so all? For a £10 charge?

Or if there is anyone able to help out using some special contacts and machinery that you may have?

If so and i can get it, do i then use the MOT, New Keepers and (V10) Document [Apply for Tax Disc]?