Was speaking to my sisters ex hubby who has his own graphix design shop and does wrapping, he aint to keen on doing full wraps but will do them if you wer to remove the bits required. But he would happily do bonnets roof, tailgates etc to give me an idea of pricing he said for a bonnet like mine would be about £120, he has many cool materials and vynils in from carbon and he said you can even get films that change like flip paint! Now i never asked but if i did i could organise a group buy probably! If anyone was interested let me know! He said prices for full wrap would start from about a grand. It was just a passing by conversation but i remember speaking to others before about vehicle wrapping.and to be honest i dont know how much wrapping normally costs. So its up to you to decide if thats a fair price i do know he done a porsche boxter for a guy and when he done the job the guy was extremely happy and said he was the cheapest qoute by £600 for a full wrap.