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Thread: A bit of an odd one.

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    Vehicle : Vectra

    Trim : Club

    Engine : 1.9

    Year : 2004

    Default A bit of an odd one.


    sorry if this has been posted before, been hunting through the forums and can find a similar problem...nothing exactly as I've been getting.

    Ive got a 2004 Vectra C, 1.9 CTDI. Only the club model as I use it for commuting.

    Last few days been getting an odd fault, every time I put the radio on (CD2005-was replaced by previous owner) the speedo and rev counter drop out, then the radio drops out. Lasts about 2 secs before coming back on, this happens every couple of mins, I don't get any other warning lights, no battery abs etc and the other dials stay as they should.

    took it too a garage that had tech 2, who said it could be the instrument cluster?

    Ive done the usual abs plug cleaning and disconnect the battery for 10 mins to see if that clears it, still no joy.

    odd things is, if I don't put the radio on, the car behaves fine....obviously it doesn't like my taste in music! Other high load circuits heater lights etc don't replicate the fault...just the radio....

    any ideas?

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    Vehicle InfoStats

    Vehicle : Vectra C

    Trim : sri nav/Elite

    Engine : CDTI 150

    Year : 56

    Mileage : 130ish


    for newbie... to vec-c hope you get it sorted.

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