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Thread: Artist information - CD70

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    Default Artist information - CD70


    With the help of @Critch (who honestly did most of it ) a CD70 and CID went into my car the other day. All fine apart from a couple of speakers keep turning off (lose connection I think because they keep coming and going), but the main thing that is bugging me is the CID displays the song title, and the album, but not the artist. My old CDC40 showed the artist fine but for the life of me I can't work out how to get the CD70 to do it!

    Am I missing something really obvious?!


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    CD 70 shows artist info from mixed CD (audio+extended data) only, not from mp3

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    Mark, just checked how my CD's display on my CD70.

    Single CD's: 3 lines of data on Audio Screen : TOP = ALBUM, MIDDLE = TRACK NAME, LOWER = ARTIST.

    The details are taken from the MP3 files by the Burning Software, and requires the appropriate options to be selected when running the Burner.

    For example:
    1. Nero requires Artist Name and Album Name to be specified, and also requires 'Reference Strategy' to be selected as a Burning option.

    2. CDBURNERXP similarly requires Album and Artist details to be specified and 'Automatically Generate CD-TEXT Information from IDE or APE Tags' option to be selected.

    The above assumes all the required details are held in the correct location on the MP3 files.

    MP3CD's : 2 lines displayed: Track Name above, Album name below.

    For MP3CD's the burner requires a Data Folder for each 'CD', and burns the disc as a Data Disc in UDF 1.02 format. The Data Folder is the displayed 'Album Name', and the Track name is taken from the MP3 file for each Track in that folder..

    AFAIK the only way to display the Artist on an MP3CD is to include it in the Data Folder Name, which can be difficult as there is not a lot of space available to include both Artist and Album, unless it's a 'Best Of' ',Greatest Hits' or the like.

    Hope that makes sense.
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    Reference your speakers. It is probably just the connection at the back of the hu. After you firm in the connection, sometimes it tends to pull itself loose when locking it in place. I found i had to do mine a couple of times before I got right, even though I'd never had any problems with the CD30.

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