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Thread: What is causing P0301 - Misfire no 1

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    Vehicle : Vectra Hatchback

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    Year : 2004

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    Default What is causing P0301 - Misfire no 1

    I've got a Y30DT and a couple of weeks ago started getting a P0301 misfire no 1 error.

    I know it had suffered from an occasional misfire at idle cos I could feel it, ever since I got it 3 years ago, but until the last couple of weeks it did not show up as an error.

    Since the first showing of the error I have done some research on a problem. I have always suffered from, ever since getting the car, blue smoke when sat in traffic for a while, and its smell was really acrid.

    Since it never had a problem starting and had a good clean exhaust smell when cold, I put the problem down to a leaky turbo oil seal dripping into the exhaust when it got up to normal operating temp, cos it only happened when the engine was properly warm.

    Anyway the research indicated I had either bad compression or injector. Further research suggested a good injector cleaner was Comma's Diesel Magic and having used it with 30 litres of fuel things REALLY improved, so much more power than I ever had under my right foot and any hint of a misfire disappeared.

    I am now back on pure fuel and I still cannot feel an hint of a misfire and the smoke has gone, but P0301 is constantly being reported, even though I keep clearing the error.

    This error is being detected somewhere between cranking the engine over and it starting. And this is deffo a new error as there are no pre-existing error because they have been cleared.

    Does anyone know which engine sensors are involved in thinking there is a misfire. Because I am thinking one is starting to fail.

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    Vehicle : vauxhall vivaro

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    Year : 2004


    It could be that injector is weak mate.

    once car is running the ecu adjusts injector timing for other cylinders to try its best to balance missfire

    rather than pay to have a complete compression test. I'd find a garage with a oscilloscope and ask them to do a relative compression test.

    the same garage can then hook up scope to injectors and looks at injector opening time, Pintle movement etc.

    knock sensor check also

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