Hi again

I have already posted a couple of times regarding the problems I am having with my engine. Thanks for all the replies.

Having not touched the car since the weekend I started her up today. At idle runs fine. Once moving, no power, in limp mode. But today after about 10 mins a small hiss appeared, then a pop, followed by very loud hissing. Its like a pipe has come off and is gushing air. I mean loud enough for everyone to turn their heads and wonder what is coming down the road!

now if you have seen my other threads you may know that I have a mechanical air leak P2279. The turbo has been changed, boost pipes changed, egr blanked, all the usual stuff done.

I cannot find this gushing air though. The noise is coming from down the back of the engine, I cant feel anything though. As another point of interest I had only just put the heater on when this happened. The heater/blower still works though.

Any thoughts?