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Thread: thinking of buying vcmmi h/u need some input plz

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    Default thinking of buying vcmmi h/u need some input plz

    thinking about buying a VCMMI h/u to replace my cd70 navi
    read a few old threads on here but have a few questions for anyone thats has one of seen one in action

    i was thinking about getting the aux mod done and a vx bluetooth kits fitted for the cd70 for this i would be looking at £330 ish and for the vcmmi h/u i see them for around the £400 mark so not allot in it but not sure on the best option

    will my CID display display the info like off the cd70
    is the satnav any good compared to the vx one
    is the bluetooth any good
    it says ipod full control is this correct
    what is the general use like glitchy, pain in the a55 or works well

    i have read its plug and play is it really that easy

    any good points that make it worth the change over

    hoping someone can help and any input would be grateful

    cheers baz

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    Vehicle : Vectra C 3.2 Elite Estate Auto Facelifted

    Trim : Elite with loads of "Extras"

    Engine : 3.2 Z32SE

    Year : 2004

    Mileage : 94,000


    If I were you mate, I would get the aux mod ONLY if you really need it, and get a Parrot 9200 bluetooth with aux in for SD Card, USB, Mini Jeck Plug, AND iPhone/iPod (it doesn't have an adaptor for the iPhone 5 but you can probably get a converter to adapt to the iPhone 4 connector.

    It does all you might expect from an aux in arrangement and much more, and it even pairs with 2 phones AT THE SAME TIME (although it disconnects one to make/receive a call and then reconnects it when the call is ended).

    I've seen the 9200 going for £100 at times fella

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    dont waste your cash mate

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