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Thread: Camera servicing

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    Default Camera servicing


    I've got a Nikon D200 that I've had since 2008 or so which has never had a service. It used to be owned by a studio as a second camera before I bought it second hand and as such, has racked up about 80,000 shutter actuations at the last check. The grips are worn and there's some dirt on the sensor (plus the odd hot pixel now but can't see that unless it's a very dark frame). I can't bring myself to change it with it doing everything I've ever needed it to. It's survived wind and heavy rain for hours, the odd small drop, being left out overnight doing time lapse photography. You name it it's probably been treated to it.

    It needs some love now in the form of a decent clean up and service. Anyone got any recommendations of somewhere to send it? I've heard of a few companies but getting reviews on if they're actually any good is a pain in the arse.


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    Old thread I know, and you probably got it sorted(?), but I was browsing through the section and saw there hadn't been any replies to your post.

    I use a company called Fixation in London for any repairs to my camera gear. I'm a pro and these guys deal with pro photographers day in/day out and have a solid reputation. They're Nikon and Canon specialists (and approved by them) so you can send it to them in complete confidence.

    Web site -

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