I have had SPAX Springs and adjustable shocks on my car now for just over a year.
Since I have had them installed the front left does not seem to drop the same as the right when going over speed bumps.
If I go over slow it seems as though there is no spring back from the left side. slightly quicker does not seem noticable.
Would this be the shocks or could this be something else?
Seems strange as the shocks seem fine with no issues.
Make me think maybe the spring is out of position or something.
Anyone ever felt something like this before?
Also, I have a crunch sound from the front when going over speed bumps. The drop links were changed less than a month ago and this sound has not gone. What could that be as I thought crunch is only drop links?
It came around after I had the steering rack changed which the subframe was lowered but I can't see what this affected.
No play at all from wheels on both sides.