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Thread: Battery light on

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    Default Battery light on

    Signum 1.9CDTI been running fine then after start up tonight battery light on constantly after a few seconds delay. Drove home 30 miles with light still on no problems. Checked charging voltage with engine running and got 11.49V. Switched off engine, checked voltage again, still 11.49V. Engine seems to be overspeeding when idling, but not sure if this is related.

    I am guessing this looks like a duff alternator, any confirmation or otherwise please? Any ideas of replacement costs would be appreciated, thanks.

    Was due in for annual Service & MOT on Thursday but managed to get it brought forward to tomorrow (aasuming I can get her started in the morning and drive the 30 miles to the stealers)

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    If the voltage whilst the car is running and when turned off is the same, then you can pretty much be sure the Alternator is goosed. I think when i had much the same problem the new one fitted (and i didnt have much choice in the matter as i was 200 miles from home) was about £300 fitted. I would expect you will find a better price.

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    Thanks for the prompt reply Aidi. Who fitted the replacement for you?

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    its ya alternator. I drove mine for a day and a half and it Went flat on A1. AA came out and jumped me. Started no bother.. He said give it three minutes and idle will increase... He was right Alternator changed next day and fine.... Its awkward to do yourself though

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    I got 16 miles this morning before the power died, rescued by RAC who loaned me a fully charged battery to get to Grimsby. Was the alternator as suspected. Stealer quoted £393 for a reconditioned replacement. I told them to wait until I checked it out online/another garage. Saw various prices for new and reconditioned items between £100 and £150 just for the item, and quoted £254 plus VAT (fitted) at the non dealer garage recommended by mates at work. When he called back I told them I wasn't happy with the quote when I could get a new one of EBay for £100, he said he would check with service manager if they could move on the price. 10 minutes later I get another call saying new quote £294 for a brand new one fitted!!! So if I hadn't questioned it I would have been fleeced a lot more. Just makes me wonder if this is standard/common practice which they probably get away with many times. I guess I have still paid over the odds but cannot mess about as needed it all sorting this afternoon as leaving car in Grimsby overnight was not an option.

    All fixed now and thanks for your replies.

    For future reference the RAC patrol said a fully charged battery without any recharging is good for about 50 miles, he wasn't far off I got 48 out of mine since the fault light came on.
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