Hi all,
Having some problems with Signum I bought not long time ago. There is a judder or some kind a missfire around 1200-1700 when not accelerating or accelerating very slowly. It will go away if accelerator is depressed harder, but if keep roaming on 3th 4th or 5th on above speeds it will throw spanner light, which will go away if clutch is pressed or engine speed is increased to around 2000. When accelerating harder or driving above 2000rpm, there is no issue. I have changed all vacuum pipes, none of them were split (or just not obvious), cleaned intake manifold, have checked all solenoids (through op-com), all operating on tests, however turbo vane solenoid stays VERY hot, not sure if it supposed to be like that or not, also swirl solenoid keep flaps open when car is stationary (I assume flaps should be closed on low engine speeds?). Don't know where to look, EGR? or one of solenoids? Also do someone successfully blanked EGR on these?
Had read out codes today, all cleared and didn't come back after short trip.
P0400 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Insufficient Detected
P01811 - Torque Signal Malfunction
Any advice would be appreciated.