Last few weeks my hard work is finally starting to pay off on the vectra, its performing amazingly well and with no error lights up...

But yesterday evening the misses did the shopping run.
Did the shop, come back to the car, started the car.
EML was on and theres no power to the headunit???
So she's rung me. I've said just drive it home.
Had a look at fuses, all ok.
Left it be and had to go back out in it a hour later. And its all working and as good as new like nothing happened???
Pressume the EML will be my throttle body requiring a good clean ( as only wiped it over the other week, need to strip it for cleaning ) and my egr again. Not to worried.

But why's my headunit lost power randomly???
Mines not got the standard headunit in, I fitted a Alpine unit 4 months ago.