Took the car into to veccy c 1.9cdti 150 56reg today for a price matched oil n filter change plus engine flush. Did it for £75 which I was mildly happy about.
The car's done 92k now so its timing belt time. I told VX that I could get it done locally for £240 so they said they could do it with a water pump and new everything complete for £270. I booked it in. Said they would be using gen vx parts. How does that price seem?

Now to the cruise. I've gone through 2 new stalks over the past 4 years. Car seems to drive well in cruise for 3-4 months and then it knocks itself off. It will go through a few weeks of this and be ok for weeks then crap again. It's been ok all winter and now its intermitent again. Any ideas where I should check or does this sound like something someone else has dealt with?
Cheers. Craig.