Over the last few weeks I've noticed the gear selection getting harder on my car . Its always had a bad 1st-2nd gear change especially when cold which I've got used to but now its a royal pain in the behind to get in any gear! before I start the car in the morning I can go through the gears easily and after starting I can get in 1st fine and drive out the garage.

At this point I'll put the car in neutral and release the clutch (so I can close the garage) and from there onwards getting any gear is really hard! It almost feels as though its out of alignment and there's something in the way of getting in gear. I can usually get it in 5th\6th then work backwards to 1st and drive off. Once on the move the changes are fine until I stop at the lights and put it in neutral\release the clutch and it starts over again.

After 5 miles(ish) it gets a bit better. I re-aligned the gearstick\cables which made no difference and the gearstick self-centres happily but when I aligned the gearstick I noticed there is a bit of play in the bush on the gearbox turret. Could it be the bush is worn loose instead of seizing?

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance.