I have a few problems with my signum 2,2 DTI.
First, the spedo and rew counter were going mad, and al sorts of warning lights were blinking.
I cleaned ABS conector and spray it and now it is OK.
But when i put it on tester, i have U2116 - CAN-Bus No Communication with IPC (Instrument) error. And few other faults.
I went to the instrument section and there is not the same engine type. It is y20... and not y22... I tried to program the instrument to y22 and it goes, but when i check it again, it is again y20...
And on board computer, there is a F for range and awerage consumption. I replaced the indicator in the tank, and one day it was ok, BC was showing walues, and now it is again showing F.
I do not know if the CIM is making problems or something else?
Othervise, the car is running OK, without problems.