went to go out earlier turned on ignition and the speedo was going up and down and with it there was bonging noises and the higher it went the louder it got so it went to 10mph bonged then 20mph bonged louder and so on till it got to a 100 and was really loud so turned ignition back off turned on still the same so turned engine still doing it so i drove off abs light came on and it stopped, once home turned ignition off and back on abs light stayed on and it didnt do it went back out hour later and it did the beeping/warning noises again but not for as long this time got to about 3rd bong and abs light came on and it stopped<br><br>now 3months ago i had abs light on had it scanned and said it was front left sensor so changed bearing/sensor and light was still on so traced the wire back and it was knackered to be honest i had to cut and solder it in three places so im guessing this is my problem with all the snow/slush/moisture in wheell arch it got in the wire again so <br><br>what is best way to replace the cable?<br>where does it go?<br>can i get it from vx?does it just plug in somewhere or is it whole loom?<br>if i just cut it back as far back as i can trace it and solder new wire in what cable should i use am i best to go breakers n see if they will let me cut it out?<br><br>thanks