Hi all,

New to Vauxhall and new on here.

Recently bought a 2005 (facelift) signum 2.2 direct with 83k on the clock. Seems to drive pretty well and has full service history, really like it. Already found many answers to many questions on here but have a few more queiries if you'd be so kind, don't know whether there normal or not!

1 - When accelerating slow to moderate when put clutch in and on accelerator lift off the revs seem to hang there then slowly drop. I've come from a diesel so not sure if this is normal or not?

2 - There is a bit of play in the gearlever when re-engaging cluth in a few gears, nothing when accelerating or lift off, only as the clutch re-engages?

3 - When selecting first from neutral only there is a bit of a clunk as you move the lever over towards first, no resistance in any gears and its only as you move the lever over from neutral towards first

Thanks a lot