Hi All. Ive just discovered a weird and potentially worrying problem on my Signum. Its a 53 plate 2.2 DTI, Design spec, has ABS and TC (no Switch)
I had a problem where abs indications were normal but TC only worked on the right (drivers) side and under heavy breaking the left rear would lock up causing the car to slew. Also the abs seemed to come in a bit early.
To cut a long story short by jacking up car and spinning wheels by hand whilst monitoring with op-com I found that the left rear and left front were connected the wrong way round, the back was the front and visa verse.
I have not had the car from new but the cabling appeared to be original with the front and rear twisted pairs going to the wrong pins in control unit plug!
I have spliced and connected the cables as they should be and all is now working correctly.
Id be interested to know what readings people get from similar age and spec Signums or Vectra C.
I have checked the VOSA recall lists and not found any for this area of the car.