After problems running upto and over christmas of this intermittent fault and changing various bits to eliminate them I got recomended a phone number to ring of an ECU Electrical specialist.The bloke came out sat morning and god did her know his stuff. Checked all live running then voltages with tester and then he ended up around the EGR valve. He said it was drawing air in somewhere and this was the culprit. Her took her off cleaned her up tested voltage and circuit while off as well and poped her back together. He did notice on the live running she was not getting the air she should be ie 10 when it should be 16 on the MAF and he advised me to get another. Other than that the car is running sweet as ever now and no hesitation on low revs and she ticksover now without stalling every now and then. Going to MAF sorted asap though to stop anymore problems.