hi people.

i've got problem that no garage is able to fix yet dont know exactly what it could be?

when i first strike the car up. it starts fine, about 30mins drive later it will slowly drop the revs down to 2000 and wont rev past there even if my foots flat to the floor, and i will have no power in the 0-2000 rev range.

i have recently had a new turbo, intercooler manifold, egr valve (which also got blanked when it was put on new few months ago) im regually doing motorway miles. so i really dont know what it could be.

but if i pull over and stop the car running for about 5 mins and strike the car up and drive on it will be fine for about 15-30mins.

also could the injector 3 problem have anything to do with it? because i still need to change that but havn't had any fault codes regarding it so thats why not changed yet :S

please could you help me out. thanks you