I have been running the CCV vented first to atmos, then into a proper catch can returning to the inlet now for two years as per other threads you can chart my progress if you desire.

I fitted the EGR reducer gasket courtesy of Gary a fellow member here, I also fully cleaned out the EGR valve and the boost sensor, throttle body and pipework that I could access and clean.
I have driven 35,000 miles since the modification and what do I observe?

There is still oil in the inlet tract coming more from the turbo seals, as really, it is impossible to get a perfect seal, there is also some oil getting past the catch can but this is much reduced from the factory set up.
The throttle body is wet with a fine smear of oil and the boost sensor is wet with oil.

However, neither are as bad as they were when I made the modification, as the car had done 34,600 miles it is almost a 50/50 split so it is a very fair test.

It is a nuisance to have to do but, my swirlflaps will benefit (ooohhh Matron!!_) as will the general intake system I would suspect.