Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all well and had a good Xmas & New Year!

Haven't been around much over the last few weeks (or online at all!) as I have been busy moving my Mum in to her new house & doing loads of DIY there! (already fitted over 150 square foot of storage space in the loft, going to be fitting some flooring once the insulation has been upgraded this afternoon!)

Did anyone get anything nice for their cars for Xmas?

For those of you who have been to fix it meets I have attended, you will be shocked to hear that I received the halfrauds advanced 150 piece toolkit as one of my presents! - doesn't mean I know what to do with most of them though! but at least I won't have to keep borrowing tools!

Anyway, hopefully things will calm down slightly at my Mum's (although I doubt it this month from the sounds of things!) and I can be on here a bit more often!