first off Happy new year to you all, apologies for not being on here for a while, we have moved house around two weeks before christmas and we still haven`t the phone line up and running yet till 7th january, so i`m using my laptop and dongle for tinternet at the mo, anyways moved to a nicer location, from a council estate to a cul de sac 5 minutes away and the best part is i have a garage to mess with and call my own,yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee and seein as my birthday is 11 days away i`m kinda puttin the ideas out that i want things to with my car ie car trolley jack, ramps and various other bits,

i along with my other half own the house, first time for me tho, it has a double driveway and the garage is nicely hidden in the back garden, safe from being seen in the street, and the best bit is theres no passing traffic anymore, which is great as we have kids, and the little one growing up and wantin to play out on her bike, cant wait till summer to be messin about with the car lol