I had a leaky waterpump so did a pump and cam belt change yesterday morning. I was an easy enough job to do and took me about 4 hrs taking my time.

Before i done it the car was running "fine" but had the normal problem most cdti 120 seen to have ie starts easy but idles bad and blows out white smoke for a bit.

Anyway when doing the belt i lined up the marks on the bottom pulley but the top pulley was out by a mile, probably about 8-10 teeth. i rotated the bottom pulley a few time and it was always the same. This had me stumped coz the car was not running that bad, so wasnt sure wether to line then up when putting the new belt on or make some new marks and use them (about 8-10 teeth out).

in the end i used my new marks put everything back together and it started straight away and drove fine.

im just wondering why it is so out and wether this will be causing my idle and smoke and idle problems when cold starting.

Im driving to newcastle today from london for xmas so will see how she goes

happy christmas everyone