Hi all, hoping someone can point me in the right direction with this little issue.

Just noticed today that the backlights for the speedo, tacho, fuel & temperature gauges and the blower/heater dials are all flickering on and off randomly.

The readings on the dials themselves are all working correctly, no drop outs or issues, and no other warning lights are flickering on and off.

It only happens when the lights (inc. side lights) are switched off. If I put the lights on everything works perfectly.

When I switch the car off, the dash lights continue to have their little fit, even when I get out and lock the car.

After a few minutes of the engine being off, there is a loud click and the lights all go off as normal.

Its all very puzzling - I checked the fuses (removed them but even this changed nothing strangely) and as they work normally when the lights are on I am not sure if it is a connection issue or not?

Any thoughts?

Thanks Guys