First post after having the veccy for two years so not too bad but now i'm having a bit of a nightmare.

A few weeks back i decided it was time to clean out the EGR valve something i've done before with no problems. The day before i was going to tackle the job i decided check the EGR valve and other pipes to see how bad the build up was (to prepare myself) took everything off and checked it and it honestly didn't look too bad so after putting everything back together and double checking everything was connected back up a went to go for a drive... car started for a few seconds and died immediately and since then will not start. It'll turn but not try to catch.
After checking over everything i couldn't find anything visually wrong so i had to dig deeper so started with the basics.. battery, starter etc then i went to check if she's getting fuel i know with the 2 litre you can crack off the injector 4 pipe and get someone to crank to see if fuel is getting through... well the unfortunate part is she's trickling fuel but thats about it so i changed the filter just in case but no good. So off she went to the garage where his diagnosis is that the fuel pump is completely gone.
My question is however would the pump still trickle fuel to the injectors if the pump is dead? So now i don't know if i replace the pump will that be the cure or is there any other possibilities thats been overlooked?