Bought a new heater resistor from local VX dealer 3 weeks ago after mine packed in. At the time of fitting I lubricated the top of the fan as the top nut was slightly corroded. I am guessing some water has got in at some point but not loads as carpets etc are bone dry. I didn't drill through the fan motor and grease from underneath as per the how 2.
3 weeks later and it seems the the resistor is either faulty or the thermal fuse has blown. Classic symptom of the fan only working on number 4.
So I rang the dealers to see about a replacement and it seems that VX's policy for parts warranty claims is that it has to be booked in and if the resistor is deemed faulty they will replace and cover parts and labour. It's booked in for tomorrow. I am 99.9% what they are going to say and it will go something like........."water has got in and damaged your fan motor.......this will need replaced along with the resistor for a pricely sum of £5000000" I will bet my mortgage on it!!!
Anyway I'm taking it in and see what they say. The car is well out of warranty. If they replace the resistor then its a result!! If not then i'm going to replace the thermal fuse with a Maplins one, drill the bottom of the fan motor and cover it in spray!!