The Old Glasgow Road / Stewarton Rd from Stewarton (not too surprisingly given the name!) and Newton mearns is one that tends to get a few large puddles in heavy rain, however today!!!I passed a poor soul in an Alfa 156 estate flooded after a rather well concealed 6" deep puddle at one very bad bend,Then after a long straight where the road dips and bends left I was aware of water usually so was prepared and no shocker a puddle of about 70 yards length and 3 to 5 " depth.
Taken slowly that one was fine.The one I got complacent with was a shocker to me. on a steep climb after that dip the water had burst the drainage ditch and was unseen by me on a river flowing across the road, maybe 3" deep and about 20 yards in length I hit it at about 45>50 (in the dry I usually am doing 60>70 by then!) and the car aquaplaned sliding left almost into said ditch!!Tyres caught at the last second and she avoided catastrophe.
Me and the car tiptoed along the rest of the road, I felt I had to send a text to Radio Scotland travel about it!I completed the remaining 40 odd miles unscathed but still have mud on the near side from the verge!I am a very lucky boy and very grateful for air intakes up around the top of the bonnet, I feel for that poor Alfa driver I hope he manages to dry it out and it hasn't bent rods etc!