Hi all,

Recently bought a 54 plate Astra H 1.7 cdti SXi. Having one or two issues that we thought had been fixed.

Car would start when cold but was a pain to start when hot, took it back to the dealer and he sent it off to a diesel specialist, rebuilt pump and 4 rebuilt injectors and all new seals etc later and car appeared to be fixed.

Today its back to not been keen on starting when hot, and has a smell of diesel wafting about now. It will start eventually and runs well. Changed the leak off pipes incase its them but alas no!

Plugged in my code reader but wont it interface because of windows 7, so did the brake pedal/accelerator pedal test and ECN code 000275 has flashed up and I'm not sure if this is relevant.

Any ideas or possible solutions gratefully received as the wife is threatening to take the sledgehammer to it