Just thought I would share Earlier I was in my local shop with my little girl whilst wondering the isles I noticed ( pardon my words ) what looked like a smack head come in typical ie dirty track suite sunken face just a mess anyway I clocked him so I made sure my little girl was right beside me , we where waiting in the line when my little girl asked can she have some sweets I said no as she all ready had a slush previously next thing I know the " smack head" reaches In to his pocket and gives my little girl some money 20p for sweets and said there you go darling .... that really made me think even tho it was only 20p I was over the moon we both said thank you just makes you think to not judge a book by it's cover was quit ironic as I was only yesterday I watched a documentary think it was called "Ben and herroin addict " it was a Shame rather upsetting certainly made me think