Hi guys,

Had my alternator replaced today after it died last week, and then went for a drive to make sure all was OK.

I have noticed that there is now a loss of power, mainly in low gears. In 1st or second if I put the foot down the turbo does not feel like it's kicking in, and the car struggles to get up the hill where I stay in 2nd gear. In all other gears the car feels sluggish and seems to be using a lot of fuel.

There is no EML light on nor any other lights in the dash. I have checked all hoses to make sure they are tight, but havent did this while revving the engine yet.

From reading on here it could be the EGR valve or solenoid am I right? If so can someone please show me what they look like and if possible a guide to checking/cleaning them?

Just one thing after another with this bloomin car!