Hi Guys,

Ok, my 2004 pre-face 3.2 Gsi (full leather seating) has a tear to one of the perforated sections of the front passenger seat - Back rest.

I have had two quotes, both with all the usual "get out of jail free" stipulations. One for a repair patch ironed onto the inside backing which I turned down because as the guy said, "as the owner, you will know it is there, and so it will never be truly invisible". The second quote was to replace the complete perforated section (one of the total of 3) with a hopefully well matched perforated piece of replacement leather. This quote was for £90 which seemed fair enough for the work involved, the concern would be just how well matched the leather would be when finished.

BUT, I have now made things much more difficult for myself by asking the local Vx dealer how much it would cost to purchase a complete replacement back skin for my car seat.

Both the parts man and I were quite amazed when their computer system told him that the part I would need would be 24434067 which would cost me the princely sum of £82.80 incl VAT ????

So, now I wonder should I just try and get this and then get it fitted ? Or, can anyone here get this part with some kind of member or trade discount ? But most importantly is this really the correct part that has been quoted for ? I emphasise that this is the black leather covering for the back rest of the front passenger seat for a Gsi (bucket style) passenger seat on a 2004 pre-face ?

I am aware of the different seats used on Elites and other models.

How much could I get this part for, and what can I expect to pay to get it fitted for me ?

Thanks for your advice guys.