well am putting @£75 (SUPER) fuel in signum for @ 300 miles decide to run super do to being chipped & would hope it be better for the car

right so im thinking do i maybe in next few months possible look at spending
£1200 on stg2 set up
trade in the car for a 1.9 70000 mile signum auto
ok so think i may have to pay 1500 on trade in , but fuel would be similar cost but hopefully last an extra 200 miles but then would only be cost effective say in 18 months time
or sell mine privatly & may be get something like this id say mine is worth £2500 ( mileage / modas)
or ive noticed that peugeot 407 estates seem to go for good money for similar mileage
as say just sunday thoughts but look forward to feedback , cheers