I havn't done much but here is where I am so far:

Debadged (Ar*e and sides)
Air Filter
Parrot MKi9000
AC Compressor
LED side lights (got the strobing, so probably going to upgrade "Propperly"

Things still to do (that I have thought of):

Alloys (but will do when the tyres need replacing)
I know one of the CV joints is questionable - will replace soon
Will need new disks in the next 6 months (so pads too )

Looking through the car history there hasn't been a major service for a while (with a stamp) - there are recipts showing the work has been done - but by previous owner (who I don't know anything about, could be an F1 mechanic or a man who used a hammer to replace a bulb).
Just broke 71,000 can someone let me know what I should look at replacing to avoid any major woes in the near future?

I do have a slight squeek coming from the front left wheel.

Cheers for any help

Oh, its a 2005 (pre) Siggy - 2.0T (Z20NET)